Sunday, 9 June 2013


It's finally June, the weather has been glorious and it's getting even closer to my trip to VEGAS!  Yesterday was sooo hot, I laid out in my back garden for most of the day, got a little burnt (booo!) but had fun reading some new magazines I bought and my new L.A Candy book by Lauren Conrad with my ipod plasting in my ears.
I've got a few new bits lately, I was meant to upload these about a week ago but my laptop is a nightmare! (usb socket won't work half the time so uploading pics from my digi cam is hard work)...  A new laptop is top priority on my wishlist for when I get back from Vegas so i'll be able to post alot more :)
Anyways, heres some new things i've purchased recently...

 Crest 3D whitestrips - professional effects -  I get these from ebay every year and they are amazing, I don't like to use them all the time because they make your teeth really sensitive but they are sooo good and I got them so I have white nashers for my jollys to keep up with the americans and their super white teeth.
Moroccanoil 25ml - my fave hair product ever, this is my second bottle and it's helped my hair grow so much in the past few month.  Defo need to get the large size soon!
Bioderm sensibo cleansing water - so much hype around this product in the past year or two so I decided to get one off ebay for around £7.99, it works wonders at removing heavy makeup and eye makeup and also you only need to use a tiny amount so this bottle will last me ages.

MAC lip pencil in 'In Synch' - a beautiful baby nude pink... looks unreal with a tan
MAC lip pencil in 'Lasting Sensation' - a very bright red/coral, perfect for summer
MAC Brow set gel in 'Beguile' - why didn't I buy this sooner!!! This makes my brows look amazing and keeps them in tact all day

Some magazines to read (only bought them for the free gifts though) Elle came with Rodial brazilian tan in light and Glamour came with a Model Co lipgloss which is a very pretty glossy berry shade.
L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad - I CANNOT PUT THIS DOWN!!! I purchased the other two from the L.A Candy serious too so excited to read them all, got them off amazon really cheap.
Green tea and a wedge of lemon - my daily drink

Primark mixed bracelets £2.00

Primark silver and blue bracelets £4.00

Primark colourful bead earrings £2.00 - very towie style

River Island rings - two finger top ones and a heart thumb ring (CUTE!)

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  1. Those lip pencils are the most gorgeous colours! I need Moroccan Oil ASAP aswell xx


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