Sunday, 19 May 2013


Superdrug dental floss - cant' live without flossing my teeth, it's a must have along with using mouth wash
Garnier Moisture match oil control moisturiser £4.99
Garnier 5second blur smoothing perfecting primer £12.99
Sanitising hand gel from Aldi (around 60p)
MUA from superdrug eyeshadow palette £3 - what a bargain

it has some really prettty shades, mainly shimmer but a couple of mattes thrown in there.. you can't go wrong for £3!

 Have a slight addiction to these new polishes I found in Boots recently, deffinately gonna get more shades as theres just sooo many of them to choose from.  
Also got a models own polish which I have owned previously but lost it, I liked this shade soo much that I decided to get another

primark glue ons
american flag ones
french square
french pointy (these are amazing!) all £1 

Revlon lip butter - juicy papaya
a stunning orange shade perfect for summer

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  1. How long do these nailpolishes stay on your nails? :)


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