Thursday, 23 May 2013


Everytime I plan a trip to the local Boots store I make sure to write down what I need and try to budget myself...however, that never seems to happen as I always end up spending way more than I intended and my bank balance starts to get angry!  It's so hard to go into Boots and go down all the isles without something catching your eye or if you see a good offer you just know you can't say no.
All the stuff I purchased are mainly things I need for my holiday so it's pretty much essentials and the makeup items are what I needed too so I'm not too upset with myself and i'm really happy with what I ended up buying...
(The Garnier items were on offer at 3 for 2 and so were the lashes)

 Garnier intensive 7 days hand cream £2.99 - this stuff smells so fresh and it feels so moisturizing, you can also wash your hands and it will still be on your hands! 
Garnier simply essentials 2 in 1 makeup remover £2.99 - this removes makeup and also heavy eye makeup
Garnier simply essentials soothing cleansing lotion £2.99 - I love cleansing lotions as I find them to make your skin smooth and remove makeup really easy, I absolutly hate using makeup wipes as I know how bad they are for your skin
Boots shave foam in melon & kiwi £1.89 - needed a new foam and I love melon scents so thought this would be nice and it's pretty cheap
Hawaiian Tropic after sun body butter £5.24 - this was on offer at half price, I picked one up a few weeks ago but couldn't help myself from using it as it's absolutly AMAZING! so picked a second tub up.  The smell of it just screams holiday as it has that perfect coconut, vanilla scent and has avacado oil in it. 
Hawaiian Tropic sun oil SPF15 £6.29 - this was also on offer at half price so thought i'd pick this up for my holiday as it's a really good brand and smells gorgeous

My fave lashes - eyelure 145 and 140 £5.49 each (3 for 2 offer)

Maybelline the mega plush volume express mascara £5.99 - definately one of the best mascaras i've used, on par with Lancome Hyponose and you can't go wrong with the price!
Maybelline master shape brow pencil £2.99 - its very soft so will probably need to be sharpened after every use, but it works so well on the brows and the spoolie brush on the opposite end is very handy
Barry M fine glitter dust 15 £4.59 - perfect dupe for MACs solar white eyeshadow which is my all time fave highlight colour but was limited edition
Bourjois bronzing BB cream £6.99 - can't wait to try this mixed with foundation or applied onto the hollows of my cheeks for a sexy bronzed sunkissed glow
Sinful Colors £1.99 each (SO CHEAP!) - orange cream and vacation time, nice nude colours

Totally in love with this mascara, I think this and Lancome Hypnose are the best ones i've ever used.  The brush is thick and the bristles are very flexible, the formula itself is a gel and just goes on smoothly and very easy to build up a few coats without looking clumpy and dry


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  2. That's a big haul haha, great buys :)


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