Friday, 17 May 2013


It's been a month since my last post... really bad I know! :(
I've been extremely busy lately (always my excuse) but I started a new job so i've been working full time and just haven't had the energy to do any posts which makes me sound so lazy, I have been hammering the gym doing alot of classes; kettlebell, bodypump, insanity and spinning so i've been concentrating alot on getting fit and getting my ideal body as im jetting off to VEGAS BABY!!!!

Yes i'm going to Las Vegas on 27th June for 11 days with my best friend Kim, we're staying at the amazing 5 star hotel ARIA and gonna be partying in style and hopefully bump into a few celebs...
I'm sooo excited and thats why i've mainly been going to the gym just to get my body in shape ready for the bikini clad pool parties which no doubt we'll be going to everyday.  I will be doing a huge post when I get back with tonnes of photos, tips of what to do/where to go, places where we went, what clubs are the best etc. because I've searched all over the internet to find a post similar as I like to be prepared everytime I go on holiday and know what to expect/best places to visit so I think it would come in handy for those of you who will go to Vegas in the future.

I've bought a canny few things lately including makeup, skincare, clothes and shoes.  I really need to start doing more haul posts and also reviews on the products I buy.  I've wrote a list of things I want when I go to Vegas because they'll have the amazing Sephora and also a Mac store and loads of other amazing shops.

I was sick of waiting for my Blackberry Z10 to get instragram so I splashed out on an ipod just so I could get the apps everyone buzzes about.  I needed a new ipod as the one I have is on its last legs so I went down to Argos and got one for £150 which is really good!  I've now got instagram so please follow me :) check out my page HERE.

I hope you're all having a great spring/summer, the weathers been quite good up north but I just can't wait to get away and feel the real heat!

Boo x
Recent night out:  
top: new look
disco pants: republic
shoes: primark (AMAZING BARGAIN £12!)
necklace: new look
gold bracelet: new look
watch: michael kors
drink: malibu and cranberry, my fave :)

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  1. I rocked a very similar outfit except I wore nude leather pumps with the big gold hoops. Sassy!


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