Thursday, 23 May 2013


Everytime I plan a trip to the local Boots store I make sure to write down what I need and try to budget myself...however, that never seems to happen as I always end up spending way more than I intended and my bank balance starts to get angry!  It's so hard to go into Boots and go down all the isles without something catching your eye or if you see a good offer you just know you can't say no.
All the stuff I purchased are mainly things I need for my holiday so it's pretty much essentials and the makeup items are what I needed too so I'm not too upset with myself and i'm really happy with what I ended up buying...
(The Garnier items were on offer at 3 for 2 and so were the lashes)

 Garnier intensive 7 days hand cream £2.99 - this stuff smells so fresh and it feels so moisturizing, you can also wash your hands and it will still be on your hands! 
Garnier simply essentials 2 in 1 makeup remover £2.99 - this removes makeup and also heavy eye makeup
Garnier simply essentials soothing cleansing lotion £2.99 - I love cleansing lotions as I find them to make your skin smooth and remove makeup really easy, I absolutly hate using makeup wipes as I know how bad they are for your skin
Boots shave foam in melon & kiwi £1.89 - needed a new foam and I love melon scents so thought this would be nice and it's pretty cheap
Hawaiian Tropic after sun body butter £5.24 - this was on offer at half price, I picked one up a few weeks ago but couldn't help myself from using it as it's absolutly AMAZING! so picked a second tub up.  The smell of it just screams holiday as it has that perfect coconut, vanilla scent and has avacado oil in it. 
Hawaiian Tropic sun oil SPF15 £6.29 - this was also on offer at half price so thought i'd pick this up for my holiday as it's a really good brand and smells gorgeous

My fave lashes - eyelure 145 and 140 £5.49 each (3 for 2 offer)

Maybelline the mega plush volume express mascara £5.99 - definately one of the best mascaras i've used, on par with Lancome Hyponose and you can't go wrong with the price!
Maybelline master shape brow pencil £2.99 - its very soft so will probably need to be sharpened after every use, but it works so well on the brows and the spoolie brush on the opposite end is very handy
Barry M fine glitter dust 15 £4.59 - perfect dupe for MACs solar white eyeshadow which is my all time fave highlight colour but was limited edition
Bourjois bronzing BB cream £6.99 - can't wait to try this mixed with foundation or applied onto the hollows of my cheeks for a sexy bronzed sunkissed glow
Sinful Colors £1.99 each (SO CHEAP!) - orange cream and vacation time, nice nude colours

Totally in love with this mascara, I think this and Lancome Hypnose are the best ones i've ever used.  The brush is thick and the bristles are very flexible, the formula itself is a gel and just goes on smoothly and very easy to build up a few coats without looking clumpy and dry

Monday, 20 May 2013


Heres my current wishlist, a mixture of designer and highstreet stuff:
Gucci sunglasses
Michael Kors watch
Michael Kors beaded bracelet
River Island midi and thumb rings
Moroccanoil mini version (ran out and in desperate need of a new one!)
Urban Decay all nighter spray 30ml
Michael Kors jetset bag in tangerine
Michael Kors jetset purse in tangerine
River Island skinny jeans
River Island cross ring

Sunday, 19 May 2013


After seeing a few beauty gurus on youtube buy the Sigma makeup glove I thought to myself hmmmm something strange is certainly going on here.  I then watched this video from one of my fave gurus about this 'invention' and I quickly realised why I didn't buy into it. 
After watching this I decided to go find my own 'oven glove' and finally found this little gem in Wilkos for only £2.00!
Seriously, why pay $40.00 for the Sigma one which does the same job as this cheaper version.
I use Tescos own baby shampoo and this mini oven glove, the different rubber textures (lines and bumps) helps get all the grime and dirty out of makeup brushes.  My brushes have never been so clean using this method!
You can also buy it on the Wilkos website here

 After I clean my brushes I lay them flat on some kitchen roll and let them dry over night... the next day they are perfectly clean and soft


Superdrug dental floss - cant' live without flossing my teeth, it's a must have along with using mouth wash
Garnier Moisture match oil control moisturiser £4.99
Garnier 5second blur smoothing perfecting primer £12.99
Sanitising hand gel from Aldi (around 60p)
MUA from superdrug eyeshadow palette £3 - what a bargain

it has some really prettty shades, mainly shimmer but a couple of mattes thrown in there.. you can't go wrong for £3!

 Have a slight addiction to these new polishes I found in Boots recently, deffinately gonna get more shades as theres just sooo many of them to choose from.  
Also got a models own polish which I have owned previously but lost it, I liked this shade soo much that I decided to get another

primark glue ons
american flag ones
french square
french pointy (these are amazing!) all £1 

Revlon lip butter - juicy papaya
a stunning orange shade perfect for summer


After a few weeks without wearing much makeup due to the warmer weather and working alot, I decided to pull out my Urban Decay Naked palette and practise some blending skills.
I chose to do a smokey brown because i'll be wearing this alot when I go to Las Vegas so I thought i'd have a little play with the shadows and practise my blending skills...
This literally took me around 8-10 minutes, the blending was really easy but the winged liner took a couple of attempts.  I was going for the sexy cat eye look and wanted the liner to be thick.
I also used the tape method for this just so I get that straight line at the edge, it gives a nice clean finish and also stops fall-out shadow from going all over the place when blending.

What I used:
Too faced shadow insurance eyeshadow primer
Urban Decay Naked palette: hustle, toasted, buck, sin and naked
Collection 2000 liquid liner in black (cheap and does the job!)
Collection 2000 mascara - pump up the volume black
Eyelure false lashes - 145
MAC brow gelcreme - dirty blonde (a medium brown shade)
Rimmel brow pencil 

sorry for the rubbish lighting on the photos, I used my phone for this but you get the picture :)

Boo x


I purchased this nail polish last year and decided to finally use it recently as it's getting warmer and wanted a nice bright colour on my nails.

The shade is 'passion pink' and it's a very girly barbie pink... I love it!
I used my trusty pointy primark glue-ons and painted over the top with this beautiful shade, I got so many compliments on them and people thought they were fresh from the salon! Nope, just my £1.00 primark pointy nails and this gorgeous bright polish.

Friday, 17 May 2013


It's been a month since my last post... really bad I know! :(
I've been extremely busy lately (always my excuse) but I started a new job so i've been working full time and just haven't had the energy to do any posts which makes me sound so lazy, I have been hammering the gym doing alot of classes; kettlebell, bodypump, insanity and spinning so i've been concentrating alot on getting fit and getting my ideal body as im jetting off to VEGAS BABY!!!!

Yes i'm going to Las Vegas on 27th June for 11 days with my best friend Kim, we're staying at the amazing 5 star hotel ARIA and gonna be partying in style and hopefully bump into a few celebs...
I'm sooo excited and thats why i've mainly been going to the gym just to get my body in shape ready for the bikini clad pool parties which no doubt we'll be going to everyday.  I will be doing a huge post when I get back with tonnes of photos, tips of what to do/where to go, places where we went, what clubs are the best etc. because I've searched all over the internet to find a post similar as I like to be prepared everytime I go on holiday and know what to expect/best places to visit so I think it would come in handy for those of you who will go to Vegas in the future.

I've bought a canny few things lately including makeup, skincare, clothes and shoes.  I really need to start doing more haul posts and also reviews on the products I buy.  I've wrote a list of things I want when I go to Vegas because they'll have the amazing Sephora and also a Mac store and loads of other amazing shops.

I was sick of waiting for my Blackberry Z10 to get instragram so I splashed out on an ipod just so I could get the apps everyone buzzes about.  I needed a new ipod as the one I have is on its last legs so I went down to Argos and got one for £150 which is really good!  I've now got instagram so please follow me :) check out my page HERE.

I hope you're all having a great spring/summer, the weathers been quite good up north but I just can't wait to get away and feel the real heat!

Boo x
Recent night out:  
top: new look
disco pants: republic
shoes: primark (AMAZING BARGAIN £12!)
necklace: new look
gold bracelet: new look
watch: michael kors
drink: malibu and cranberry, my fave :)

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