Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I couldn't resist myself when I recently saw this beautiful lipstick in Tesco last week... I HAD TO BUY IT!
I've had my eye on MACs Candy Yum Yum lipstick for the past few weeks and added it to my basket ready for payday... then when I came across this lipstick I knew it had to be mine, no questions asked.

It's very similar to Candy Yum Yum by looking at swatches on google images etc. so I have saved some cash as this is pretty much half the price of the MAC version.
I'm addicted to MAC impassioned.. nothing can ever come close to that sexy pink lipstick but then I have this gorgeous new shade and it will also be another fave of mine as it's a totally different shade to impassioned as it's more neon whereas Impassioned is more watermelon pink.

I must say I'm very impressed with Maybellines new Colorsensation collection and I'd love to see more shades as theres only a few bright ones out at the moment.  The packaging is decent, the price is obviously decent and it's just a fab dupe for Candy Yum Yum (save yourself some pennies!)

Accurate swatches of Maybelline Colorsensation lipstick in Fuchsia Flash


  1. So pretty! I was going to buy Candy Yum Yum the other day because the people at MAC were raving about how it goes with every skin tone, but they were sold out. So I'll have to pick this one up! xx


  2. This is SO bright but I love it :D


  3. Omgggg , amazing colour!!!!! Xx


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