Saturday, 16 February 2013


I recently decided it was time to up my skincare routine and find myself an anti-ageing cream and an eye cream as I feel like i'm getting to that age stage (23) where I need to start preventing those nasty wrinkles!

So in January I was looking around the Boots website and I love Soap & Glory products so decided I'd get something from their line as they had offers on pretty much all their skincare at the time I purchased these two items.  The first item was this Make Yourself Youthful super serum which I've been using nearly everyday for the past month under my makeup and applying some when I've washed my face on a morning even when not wearing makeup.  This comes in luxurious looking packaging and has 30ml of product.  On the Boots website, it's description is 'Treat and hydrate dry, lined skin with this boosted anti-wrinkle moisturising super-shot!' and 'Packed with potent plant peptides, this anti-wrinkle serum & moisturiser in one features actives at levels clinically proven to:- Trigger DNA repair- Hyper-boost collagen and cell respiration- Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types - and ideal for drier skins with more pronounced lines, this super serum also contains super moisturisers with hyaluronic acid, plus organic coconut oil for suppleness & elasticity, and Maracuja Oil for a hit of brightening vitamin C. Boosted with oxygenating Actigen, the already powerful ingredients are made even more effective for visible results in 30 days.'
 I have noticed my skin is much more smoother and firmer but as I don't have wrinkles I can't really say if it helps in that area.  I use one pump which is the perfect amount for my whole face but you can't tell how much product is left so i'm not sure how long this tube will last me.  It's a great primer for under makeup and it makes my foundation/bb cream glide on really nicely.  I paid £15 for this when it was on offer and it's normally £20.  I think I'd definitely re-purchase this serum again.

I then decided on this eye gel as it was also on offer for about £6, it's now back to £9 which I think is still pretty cheap.  It comes in a cute white tub and has 15ml of product which doesn't sound like alot but you only need the tiniest amount for the eye area so this will last quite a long time anyway.

The Boots website description of this gel is 'Uses Swiftlift™ technology for immediate skin tightening + heightening. Also includes fine-line fighting tripeptides, depuffing caffeine, pro-vitamin panthenol, & soothing aloe vera juice.' and also says it contains 'A Swiss Snake–Venom simulating age fighting Tripeptide complex – to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles by inhibiting the micro-contractions on the surface of the skin. A collagen-stimulating tripeptide to firm and regenerate'

Again, I don't have wrinkles so can't say whether or not helps get rid of them but it does feel nice and cooling with a little tingle effect, it's also nice to use before applying undereye concealer as it glides on nicely.  I would probably re-purchase this again as it's a decent price and can see it lasting for months. 
Boots normally do good offers on Soap & Glory products and sometimes 3 for 2 so you are best off buying their products when the offers are on as you can save quite alot! 


  1. I love soap and glory cx

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  2. That serum looks lovely. Sounds like a great product to add to your beauty regimen. I too am starting my 'anti-aging' regime and always looking for new, reasonably priced options. Plus I've heard great things about Soap and Glory products. Xx

  3. I love the oxygen moisturizer! So good xxxx


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