Sunday, 10 February 2013


I purchased this little set around November last year and i'm so glad i did!  I had my eye on buying this for a while but always kept forgetting on pay day then finally remembered so ordered it from  
When the package came, I opened it and was VERY surprised by how small the polishes really are but for £12.50 for 4 shades is quite decent as it's a good brand.

 I have used all shades and like them all.. My fave is 'Sealed with a kris' as it's a lush dark berry shade which looks classy on the nails.  'Kimpletely in love' is very sheer but has a gorgeous greenish sparkle to it that looks so pretty when it catches the light.  'All kendall-ed up' is a very opaque barbie pink and 'Wear something spar-kylie' looks fab on top of 'All kendall-ed up.'

You can see the true colours here apart from 'Sealed with a kris' (third one along) it looks quite light here but its a darker berry shade.  You can also see the greenish sparkles in 'Kimpletely in love' which is so unique.

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