Saturday, 16 February 2013


I first heard about Getting Personal through one of my favourite bloggers, Kayleigh over at x-couturegirl-x.
She bought a journal from the website and added her name to it and made it her personal blogging book.  I thought this was such a good idea as I love jotting stuff down and I think having your name on it just makes it that extra little bit special.
The website itself is very easy to get around and has plenty of products you can personalise which is a fab idea if your stuck on what to buy someone as a gift.  Now the journals are quite expensive at £8.99 a pop, i've never bothered buying expensive stationary but the idea of having this personalised is worth the price in my opinion.  I had a look at each design and chose this cute, girly blue with pink and white hearts one.  Next I personalised it by typing out what I wanted on the front and back and I was done!  I then went onto their facebook page and messaged the company asking if they would kindly give me any special discount if I review their product on my blog... they replied very quickly and offered me a 15% off code which I was greatful for!  My total order including P&P came to £10.63 which is pretty decent.

I ordered this on the Thursday and it arrived very speedy on Saturday morning which I was so surprised by.  Very happy with the super fast standard delivery :)

The journal itself is gorgeous, I'm very happy with the design I chose and also the fact I put my blog address on the back.  It has blank pages inside which I do prefer because I love doodling and writing in different sizes so it's ideal for me and has 80 pages according to their website.

I will definitely purchase more products from this company in the near future and I recommend them highly as their customer service is excellent and the delivery was very speedy which is always a plus!


  1. Thanks for the mention lovely :) glad you like your book - its super cute! I didn't realise you could get writing on the back though, it looks fab!! Xx.

  2. Love this journal is so pretty .
    Love personalised stationary :)

    emma x

  3. This is such a cute journal. What are the pages like inside? I like my journals with different sections and pictures here and there. :)

    Your latest follower, Lauren x

  4. thanks guys! and Lauren the pages inside are just blank x


I appreciate all comments :)

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