Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Im sure all of you have a new years resolution you'd like to stick to... I have a few and I feel so determined to stick to them.

-  Lose weight.  I have just joined Weight Watchers and can't wait for my first meeting.  Theres currently a special offer on for this month only which is £10.70 for the first month.  I have had a look around the website and it's so helpful, plenty of information, recipes, forum to interact with other members etc. My goal is to lose at least 2 stone...

-  Be more active.  I got a treadmill for Christmas and i'm gunna do alot of running along with using my workout dvds and do some weights to tone up.  Having a car doesn't make it easier as it just makes you more lazy and even driving to Mcdonalds drive-thru is a no go. So deffo be more active, try and walk to places more rather than use the car.  I'm gunna do the Couch to 5K challenge which i've heard nothing but good things about.

-  Cut out drinking and partying.  2012 I went wild... partying every weekend, binge drinking, getting so mortal I can't stand etc.  Deffo need to shape up and cut it all out, I need to think of my health aswell as drinking too much can cause so many problems.  If i do end up going out it will only be for a special occassion and i'll stick to something more healthy like fresh orange and vodka.

-  Save money.  I'm so bad at saving but I need to start doing it.  I booked to go to Las Vegas in June with my best friend so I need plenty of spends for that!

So those are my main ones and will hopefully stick to all of them!  What are your resolutions?

Boo x
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