Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I know i've been lacking posts recently i've been busy going to the gym alot and also going out and having a social life - i mentioned a few posts back how i wanted to get fit and lose some weight, i can deffo see an improvement but im not quite there yet... I can go longer in the gym doing cardio, i LOVE bodypump classes and im going to a kettlebell class this week... also bought my own kettlebell but its quite heavy so i wanna work my way up starting off with a lighter one in a weekly class then i can do it at home.

Ive been debating with myself what colour to have my hair - i want to be dark for when i go to Ibiza in June but when i come back i think i'll get some nice highlights and get my hair to that lush caramelly colour that suits me well.

I have also been using the ELF treat & tame eyebrow product (the treat side) and i can deffinately see an improvement in growth!!!! full review to come in a couple of weeks as i have only been using it over a week or something

Keep a look out for new posts this week :)
Becky Boo xxx


I appreciate all comments :)

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