Monday, 12 March 2012


- Scented candles.  After my two purchases from Primarni i've been using the wild berry one and it makes my room smell nice and fruity... i cant wait to try the strawberry milkshake one :)

- Weather.  The past few days up north have been unreal - sun beaming, quite warm aswell and its only march!  Cant wait for when it gets even nicer and i can get out my summer clothes and hit the beer gardens WOOP

-  No alcohol.  I havent drank this weekend and decided to stay in and hit the gym everyday and i feel so much better for it... bring on beach bod 2012!

- Bodypump & Kettlebell classes.  I have been doing these few times per week and i can feel my body toning like crazy, my arms and thighs are toning the most and my butt feels like its firming up which is a bonus

- Pretty pastels.  Loving the pastel colours what are out for summer, candy colours skinny jeans, cropped tops, gorgeous accessories.  I cant wait to do my holiday shopping!

- ELF treat&tame.  Been applying the treat side everyday for the past 2 weeks+ and my brows have gotten much thicker and its helped them grow quicker so i can shape them nicer :) why spend £40 for products in Boots when you can buy this for £3?  Also been using vaseline as it does pretty much the same thing.

- Accidently leaving makeup on to sleep.  I had a nap the other day and left a full face of makeup on.. woke up and one eyelash totally came off and ended up all squashed so had to bin those... and now i have a big pimple on my cheek, been smothering that bad boy in suducrem the past 2 days and its helped alot.

- Busy shops.  Went shopping on Saturday which i rarely do mainly because its far too busy, shops are too crowded, people push and shove, kids are screaming and running around, people walk slow and you cant get past them... i HATE it

- Messy bedroom.  Everytime i tidy my bedroom it ALWAYS without a doubt gets messy again after a few days... i cant help it but whenever i get ready for a night out i seem to shove everything on the floor etc.

Becky Boo x

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