Thursday, 23 February 2012


Real Techniques was designed by Youtube Makeup guru Samantha Chapman also known as Pixiwoo.  Her makeup tutorials are amazing and i've loved watching her and her sister for the past few year. I really suggest you check them out here.
So anyways...I seen on the pixiwoo blog that Samantha would be selling her brushes in Boots stores and it said my hometown on the list which i was very surprised about as Hartlepool is such a small boring town.  I went down to Boots and i couldn't see them anywhere then i finally noticed them at the VERY bottom of the rack which was abit stupid as they are new products and should be put where everyone can see them clearly.
There was the eye set, core set, stippling brush, powder brush and the eye shader brush... i didn't see the kabuki brush anywhere.
I decided to go for the eye brush set which is called 'Your eyes enhanced- starter set' because i need some new eye brushes as i lost my MAC 217 brush a few month back and havent been able to blend my shadows properly for a while and noticed this set has a blending brush.
The packaging is really nice and on the back it has a picture of Samantha, some information and tells you about the brushes which is great!
When i opened the packaging i noticed the panoramic case first (obviously lol) and it's very good quality, it's been made really well and is durable.  This doubles up as a brush stand as you can see in the last image below which is really handy but i'm not too fussed as i'll end up putting the brushes in my brush holder soon anyways but the brush stand is handy for travelling.
You get 5 brushes for £21.99 which is a great price considering MAC brushes cost around £14 on their own for an eye brush so you really are getting an amazing deal.
The brushes are VERY soft and i can tell they are excellent quality and will last me years.  I can also tell they are going to perform well and i'm so happy i purchased this set as i know i will get good use out of it.

The brushes included are;
BASE SHADOW BRUSH - which could also double up as a soft blending brush which is ideal.  
DELUXE CREASE BRUSH - which is the blending brush and is so soft and i can tell this will be my favourite.
ACCENT BRUSH - this is described on the box as a 'detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging' brush but i will use this for highlight under the brow and in the inner corners.
PIXEL POINT EYELINER BRUSH - i can't see me using this much unless i use gel liner but i like totally thin brushes for that, i will still try it and see how it works though.
BROW BRUSH - finally the brow brush which is obviously for... brows.  I can't wait to try this one out as i'm obsessed with brows and i use brow powder/eyeshadow to apply colour to my brows.

Have any of you tried the Real Techniques brushes?  I really want to get the stippling brush next as i've heard many good reviews on it.



  1. I've never heard of this brand! I must try it though, those brushes look just like what I need!


  2. thanks for the lovely comment i am following you back :)

  3. You girls look super fancy! Great work at the gym, it shows.



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