Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I got this as a Christmas present off the mother and it's such an amazing thing for any beauty obsessed girl to own.
20 mini lipsticks in various shades
mini lipliner in a shade which goes with all of the lipsticks
blending lip brush

I have only used two of the shades as im so scared to use them all incase i fall in love with a colour and end up running out of it (as they are mini sized)
The darkish reddy pink on the bottom right is my current fave as it looks so classy and can really glam up the face when you're wearing neutral colours on the eyes.
I dont think Boots will be selling this no more as they only bring out these sets during Christmas, but you may be able to grab one on ebay if your lucky, and if you do i suggest you get one asap!!!
I won't be buying tonnes of lipsticks for a while so this has helped me save money. 
Its like a little wardrobe of lipsticks, pick your outfit then open up this and find the perfect shade to match your outfit/makeup.


  1. wow this is such a great kit! I need it so I have an excuse to stop buying lipsticks :)

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