Thursday, 23 February 2012


 Heres my ELF haul which i got last week from the online store.  I have bought ELF products before and they are decent quality for the small price tag so thought i'd buy more things as i had an e-mail with a code for 20% off when spending £15 or more.  The reason i picked the concealer palette was because i have a huge Coastal Scents concealer palette which i use alot but carrying it around is a nightmare as its so large so i seen this little one from ELF studio line and thought i'd give it a try.  The lipstick shade is a shade i've been wearing alot recently so thought i'd try it as it would be perfect to chuck into my clutch bag for nights out and for the £3 price tag i wouldn't care if i lost it.  The lipliner was something i needed, like i said i've been wearing alot of dark deep red lipsticks recently and lost my mac red enriched a few month back so i seen this and for £1.50 you cant go wrong.  The blush was just a random purchase as i need something 'cheap and chic' to throw into my handbag for during the day as i hate putting my MAC and other high end blushes in my bag incase they shatter.  Then finally the eyebrow treat&tame - i have never used a tinted brow gel before and the 'treat' part is meant to help growth of the brows so i thought why not :)
Anyways heres a review for each product...

 LONGWEAR LIPLINER IN 'BITTER' - is a beautiful deep red which looks quite cherry red in the swatch but because of the flash it's kinda made it lighter than it is in real life.  It's a gorgeous dark raspberry shade which goes on really smooth and is so pigmented i can't beleive it was only £1.50

MINERAL LIPSTICK IN 'CHEERFUL CHERRY' - im so disappointed with this product, the colour is gorgeous BUT the lasting power is ridiculous.  I applied this on the weekend to go out for a night out with my friend, we were getting ready at her house and i did my lip makeup last.  I applied it and it was soooo smooth and glided on my lips and i was so happy with the dark cherry shade (helps make teeth look whiter!) but 15 minutes later when i looked in the mirror it looked as it i'd wiped it off with my hands or licked my lips for 15 minutes.  There was just no lasting power at all and i've NEVER had that with any lipstick, as you can see in the swatch one swipe isn't really all that so you have to apply it about three times to get the full pigmentation.  Total waste of £3

NAIL POLISH IN 'RED VELVET' - now this swatch totally makes the colour lighter (must play with the settings on my camera!) this is amazing, i seriously love this and for £1.50 i'd deffo buy more of these.  It's so pigmented, it barely chips... i've had this on my toes for the past 3 days and it looks perfect. The colour is very deep red with lots of shimmer to it, i'm gunna wear it on my nails this weekend so i will post a pic :) LOVE!

BLUSH IN 'TICKLED PINK' - now this was just a random purchase as you had to spend £15 or more to get the 20% discount and alot of the products i did want were out of stock.  I already have a blush from ELF in the shade 'candid coral' which is a dupe of Nars Orgasm and i really like the colour payoff and how its a more 'sheer' version of orgasm so thought i'd try a different shade.  This looked more of a darker pink on the ELF swatches online but when it came i noticed it was just a very sheer baby pink which is cool i guess... I've wore this once already and it's ok nothing special, just a slight wash of colour on the cheeks but it doesn't last for hours.  

COMPLETE COVERAGE CONCEALER PALETTE IN 'MEDIUM' - the colours as you can see are all different from each other, i do like this palette but it's nothing like my coastal scents concealers - it's handy to pop into your handbag or if you're staying over somewhere as it's very small and compact, i need to play with these more to see how they are on the skin as i've tried it once but i used my collection2000 concealer on top...

TREAT & TAME BROWS IN 'MEDIUM' - I tried this today and i am pretty impressed.  The medium looks like it would be too light for my dark brows (i tinted them the other night) but once applied it looks fine and blends in perfectly.  The brush is decent sized and very dense, it also has small fibres on the end of the brush so it fills in your brows like those fibre mascaras make lashes longer.  The treat side im not so sure if it would actually help your brows grow but i will test it :) i have applied it today already and will apply it again tonight before bed and update you all in a few weeks because i do have quite sparse brows from overplucking in the past and would love to make them thicker.  

So as you can see i think ELF is hit or miss on most products.  I deffo suggest their lipliners as they are so cheap and very pigmented, nail polish is amazing and can't wait to buy more and a few other bits but stay well away from the mineral lipsticks URGH!

Whats your fave ELF products? :)



  1. Oh really nice ELF haul! :)
    You should defo do a review on the concealer pallet after you use it fir a while!
    Shannen Xx

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  3. that nail varnish is such a nice colour! :D

    check out my blog -

    love from a new follower xoxo


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