Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I've been so busy as i got myself a job over christmas and it was so hectic, but now i am back :)  Heres a lil MAC haul, this is my fave ever powder and i think this is about my 6th repurchase.  I had 6 empty MAC products so i took them to the counter and picked out my free lipstick, i took a while to pick the shade i wanted then i finally decided on 'Chatterbox' which is a beautiful girly pink.  Im always wearing coral or peach lips so thought id buy a pretty pink shade and i am in love :) its so shiny too and makes the blue of my eyes just pop.  Check out the swatch below... (it looks even better with a milky mink lipgloss on top)

It was time to upgrade my contract so i opted for the new Blackberry bold which is amazing, the camera is really good quality too and i got this cute cover for it off ebay for like £2.90 BARGAIN! It matches my bedroom :D
Im forever getting bored of the same nails so i paint or do nail art on them quite often.  I did these for my birthday which was on new years eve.  I used Barry M 3in1 base and topcoat, Barry M bright pink nail polish and added some pink jewels to the tip of one nail on each hand.

I also got a nice pedicure which was on offer at one of the salons in town.  It was £15 for a deluxe pedicure which is normally £25 and i decided on a Creative nail design polish in the shade 'Sweet'  my feet were so soft, a pedicure isnt normally something id spend my money on but it was christmas and i wanted to treat myself.

I am now a proud owner of a digital camera :) FINALLY!  I paid for it myself and its the Sony cybershot DSC-W570 with 16.1 megapixels.  Its really good, i always get Sony cybershots cameras as they are amazing quality for such little price.  I will be updating alot more and also have a few blog sales so keep checking back :)

Becky x


  1. I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

  2. love that lip color. so pretty and feminine. and congrats on your digital camera. :) your blog is great. enjoyed browsing, and i am your newest follower from usa. wishing you all the best on your blog, and hoping to stay connected. have an awesome valentine's day!

  3. lip colour is gorgeous, love your blog!!


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