Tuesday, 1 November 2011


1. River island blue dress - gorgeous colour and perfect for either winter or summer going out drinking or a special event.  Will look gorgeous with a tan and sexy gold shoes/bag
2. River island coat - looks so warm and cosy yet very fashionable and sexy with the fur.
3. River island high waist jeans - want some high waist jeans when ive lost some weight and these will look hot for casual day wear with a nice top tucked into them and lots of jewellry.
4. Miss KG shoes - one word.. STUNNING!
5. Chynna dolls bikini - these are quite expensive but look so sexy.
6. Topshop leopard dress - very Cavalli, will be very sexy for a night out matched with red/black accessories and dark red lipstick.
7. Clare Nasir workout bootcamp DVD - heard alot of good things about this, im bored of my Natalie Cassidy one, i know the moves off by heart and i want something different and more hardcore.
8. Tresor paris bracelet - all the celebs have these and all the TOWIE cast, they are beautiful and so classy, deffo on my xmas wishlist!
9. LIPSY VIP dress - this will be perfect for my birthday which is end of december, very classy and girly matched with silver accessories.. very essex!
10. Viv westwood wedges - these will be fab for a night out to go with many outfits or even in the summer/on holiday.
11. TOWIE seasons 1-2 box set - one of the best shows on tv :)

Theres many other things i'd like but i couldnt fit everything on.  I cant wait to get back to the gym and lose some weight and tone up, do a few classes here and there (body pump!), i want a big pamper day one day just getting my lashes, nails done etc. and  nice facial... nothing better than a big pamper making yourself look/feel better about yourself, Lauren from TOWIE has her own range of hair extensions, false tan products and eyelashes so i deffo wanna get some of her stuff pretty soon.. would be nice to be sent some products as alot of people got sent her false tan and i was left out :( i spend a fortune on tanning products and never recieve anything to review, think i need to blog more but its hard when you dont have a digital camera!
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