Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I've been decorating my bedroom the past week and got rid of tonnes of stuff.  I got rid of quite alot of old clothes and loads of junk which doesnt get used and i just cant describe the feeling.. its like a breath of fresh air when you get rid of old crap ready for a new room and im so proud of it!
Im one of these people who find it hard to part with stuff and clothes thinkin 'oh i'll deffo wear it one day so i'll keep it' or 'hmm that COULD come in useful so i'll keep that'  but now i have learnt that it's better to get rid of old stuff so that you can make way for nice new stuff
Below is a pic of my decorated bedroom, i wanted it to be very wild and bright, i spend alot of time in my bedroom so i want to be in a nice environment that looks pretty.
So i went for a zebra and purple theme which im in love with!!!  I also got a new dresser to store all my makeup and perfumes etc. its black and white to go with the zebra wallpaper but its quite low but once i have put up shelves and got everything in place it will look great!  All i need now is some new curtains, shelves and a lamp... gunna get a black carpet put down after christmas so it will look amazing :D
Once everything is in place i will take more pictures, hopefully getting a camera soon so lot's of blog posts to come...

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