Thursday, 22 September 2011


I have repurchased this twice now, its such an amazing colour which is so unique yet can look good on any skin tone.
I'd describe is as a bright-neonish watermelon pink which goes on really smooth and has a nice sheen but not too shiny.
I sometimes apply Barry M pink lipgloss over the top for ultra sexy hot pink shiny lips.
It's very opaque so one layer is enough and lasts for hours!
It makes my teeth look perfetly white.
Im wearing it in the picture above when i did a photoshoot in spain in 2010 and it looked amazing on professional photos.
Looks amazing with a tan and will look amazing on pale beauties too.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


-  Declutter and clean out.  The past few days i have got rid of so many clothes that i dont wear, so much junk and loads of rubbish i don't need.  My room looks so much better and i feel better for it myself.  Gunna get my bedroom decorated and the colour scheme will be purple and i will have a feature wall which will be zebra print wall paper for that sexy edge.  You dont realise how much junk you actually own till you take the time to sort everything out.

-  MAC service... everytime i go to MAC in Newcastle (fenwicks) the girls working are ALWAYS friendly and very helpful and seem so happy to work there, i would be happy to work there too! But i know alot of people complain about the customer service they've witnessed at some stores/counters but im glad to say i haven't got a bad thing to say about the Newcastle MAC counters, must be true when they say everyones much friendlier up north...

-  Primark.  Ok i know primarni was one of my 'outs' not long ago but i went to Newcastle last week with my mam and she must of spent nearly £200 on me in that store itself!  Yes the prices are going up but the quality is getting better, nicer fabrics, wider range of choice, nicer going out dresses etc.  I bought a pair of nude, patent leather platform courts for £18 and French Connection are selling the EXACT same pair for over £100.  Primark will always be one of my fave shops no matter what.

-  Big Brother.  This year im very interested in it, mainly because it's full of people the same age as me and full of hotties.  Louise is beautiful but lacks personality, Jay seems very genuine i think he has a good chance of winning to be honest and omg Heaven is so bloody annoying.  I like Faye out of all the girls she just seems so sweet i'd like to see her be the winner as well as Jay.

-  Facebook.  Has anybody else got so pissed off about all the changes lately?  This one is even worse i just don't understand why they need to change it so much and it doesn't seem to get 'better' just more annoying.. grrrr at you facebook!!!!

-  Being skint.  Just plain awful :(  Seeing all these gorgeous clothes and shoes etc in shops and makeup companies bringing out their autumn/winter products when having no job is just teasing me... desperate for a job.

-  Pale skin.  Urgh i scrubbed off my false tan a few days ago and i look terrible! Don't know if any of you are the same but i just feel ugly and plain/boring being so white.  Having a nice tan makes me look abit slimmer too and healthier, can also get away with less makeup so im gunna st moriz myself up tonight :D

Now i know most of you lovely ladies will know about the website Boohoo which sells fashionable clothes at a very affordable price.  Well i received my very first item from them today, i'm going to a wedding end of October and we all have to wear black or white and when i saw this dress on the website i just had to beg my mother to buy me it...
It's called the 'Cassie border contrast hem skater dress' and is available in 7 colours and comes with the skinny belt.
It was only £20 and it's black AND white which is great because i don't fancy wearing just black as i'll look like i've been to a funeral and just white well... if im wearing fake tan it won't be white for very long so this was perfecto :D
I wasn't expecting too much as it's so cheap and obviously it's the first time i've ordered from that website so i was expecting it to arrive and it wouldn't fit properly and the fabric would feel cheap and thin but im VERY impressed.
The fabric is quite thick and the style is very flattering.  There was a few complaints about the belt being rubbish (reviews on the website) but I can honestly say i'm fine with the belt.
I can't wait to order some other items from Boohoo and i rate it 10/10.  Delivery is very fast too.
Theres not one bad thing i can say about this dress and the service from the website.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I used 'Kiss' false nails (you get about 200 in a set) and i used Elegant Touch pink nail glue (strong as hell!) as the kiss one is rubbish and makes your nails come off the day after..I then painted each nail with Barry M Bright Pink which is a gorgeous barbie pink colour.  Then I applied some crystals on one nail on each hand and i got them in a set from the pound shop which is an absolute bargain :) then went over each nail with a clear nail polish for extra shine.
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