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We all have those 'go to' products that we cant live without and MUST repurchase once it's ran out... well heres a few of my faves:

MAC skinfinish natural MSF in medium dark - This has to be the most amazing powder i have ever used and i have repurchased about 8 times (i have almost ran out so will need to repurchase another!) i use this with my MAC 183 flat top kabuki brush which was limited edition a couple year back and it works perfect.  What makes this powder to different to others? well it's mineralized so it's baked which i think makes it look more natural and airbrushed on your skin.  This colour is perfect when i have a tan (sunbed or fake tan) over the top of my usual liquid foundation and even on photos it looks so fresh and amazing.  I totally recommend this to any girl it's got very high coverage too which is always a plus.

Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation in sun beige - I have been using this foundation about 2 year now and i've never used anything else.  It's high coverage but doesn't look too cakey if applied with a brush like the MAC 187 (gives a nice airbrush look when buffed in using this brush)
I have used many high-end foundations and also drugstore brands and this one wins them all, i have probably used about 12 bottles of this since i discovered how great it was :P well worth the price (sometimes Boots or Superdrug have offers where it's a few quid cheaper) the original price is around £8.99 which is really good.

NIVEA creme - This product must get raved about soo much, it truely is an amazing moisturizer.  It's so creamy and feels luxurious on the skin.  You can use it for your face and body which is good for travelling so you don't need to overload on tonnes of different products.  I think the best time to use this is before you go to bed (or when you're just around the house) put a thick scoop onto your skin and massage it in, it's like a face mask!  Then a few hours later or when you wake up...your skin will have this perfect healthy glow and it will feel so soft and moisturized.  Rumour has it that this creme has the same ingredients as the famous (And expensive) creme de la mer which costs an absolute fortune.

MAC blusher in sunbasque - this can be used as a blush (for those who have a tan) or a shimmery bronzer.  This is perfect for the summer when the sunlight hits your face because you get this perfect bronzy glow on your cheeks which looks so pretty.  I need to repurchase this as i don't have much left.  A must have product for every girl in my opinion.

RIMMEL colour show off lipstick in 140 kiss me - This has been purchased twice because it's such an amazing colour.  It's a beautiful bright coral/red which is so bright and 'out there' it also looks perfect with a tan.  This is one of them bright lipsticks you can wear day-time aswell as evening.

Eyelure false lashes 145 - These are my fave lashes for nights out (also sometimes during day when i want to add some glamour to my eyes)  They are so long but not too thick.  I have used the new 'double' ones but these always win as they can be used for sexy dramtic smokey eyes or bare-natural eyes.

ST MORITZ false tan - this is a thousand times better than st tropez, similar formula but the price is AMAZING!  It also doesn't really smell too bad and it lasts roughly 5-6 days.  I use the mousse formula which i find really great and easy to apply with a mitt, i wanna try the lotion next (see how it compares to xen tan!)  The aerosol spray is quite good too but requires abit more time to apply.  I don't apply it on my hands and feet, instead i use a gradual tan moisturizer on those areas so it looks more natural and blend the moisturizer upto where i stopped applying the st moritz (great tip for you self tanners out there!)

Batiste dry shampoo - been using this since it came out in shops, amazing for those days you feel your hair is abit on the greasy side but don't have time to wash it.  Every girl needs a bottle of this somewhere round the house for those emergencies! (Great for camping and short breaks too)

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner - I am currently using MACs fluidline but i find the Bobbi Brown one applies more smoothly and lasts abit longer.

So there you have it... my top products i cannot live without.
I don't have a fave mascara because i always wear fake lashes so i just buy cheap mascaras and i have so many lipsticks and glosses that i love but that Rimmel one has been my fave one for this summer.

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  1. Def try the lotion out it's amazeballs, I'm converted to it... cheapest place to buy it seems to be Savers if you have one nearby x


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