Friday, 22 July 2011


- False toe nails.  These are so quick and easy to use and make your feet/toes look amazing within a few minutes.  They look so natural aswell as if you just stepped out of a spa, I've had plenty of compliments on them and been wearing them on and off for over a year now.  They last a couple weeks if looked after properly.

- Garnier Intensive 7 days Nourishing Lotion.  I got the 250ml bottle in Softening Cocoa butter which smells divine.  My skin is so soft from it, i apply it when I've stepped out of the bath/shower after towel drying and it feels amazing.  Would deffo reccomend this!

- Jogging.  Been going for jogs this week with my ipod, got a really good selection of music to keep me motivated to run... i just wanna get fit!!!

- Tanning.  Ok so i know its bad, but i love tanning!  I look/feel ugly and messy when im pale and also feel like i look 'fatter' for some reason?  But tanning relaxes me, i buy block bookings at my local tanning studio and i use various lotions (bronzing, tingle etc.) I just find it better than false tan, dont get me wrong i love false tan (st moritz oh yeh!!) but tanning in a bed is so more natural looking, doesnt smell, doesnt get all over your bed sheets (ew) and doesn't fade in an awful way.


- Takeaways/Fast Food.  I haven't had a takeaway for about 2 weeks now and i feel so much better for it.  Mcdonalds is just disgusting anyway and doesn't fill you up so thats totally out of the window.  The only fast food i like is Subway, you can make it as healthy or unhealthy as you want.

- Fizzy drinks.  I remember a few year ago i'd NEVER drink a fizzy drink.  The thought of drinking sugar made me feel sick, i stuck with water or fruit juice.  I wish i had that motivation now like i did back then, but im slowly getting there :)

- Summer is almost over.  Yep the shops are getting in their autumn range and it's almost getting towards the winter months.  I love summer, just like anybody else.  Getting a nice tan, going for days out in the nice sunshine, eating ice cream/ice lollies, going to the beach, wearing cute summer clothes.  Winter is boring :( especially when it SNOWS!!! and you can't drive anywhere urghh

By the way i have been having problems with commenting on some peoples blogs, the ones where they 'pop-up' have been ok but the others it keeps taking me back to the homepage to log-in then when i do it still doesn't let me comment :S anybody help me?

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  1. Ooh fab which false tootsie nails do you buy, I've always looked at them but never bought any! x


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