Thursday, 7 July 2011



- Twitter.  Totally become obsessed with twitter, i joined over a year ago but just recently got into it and can now see why people find it addictive.  Stalking celebs just got easier

- Weather.  How hot has it been recently? I went to Magaluf in Spain end of May and its been hotter in England!!!  It's too hot to sleep at night but i just love the heat during the day and catching a nice tan.

-  Michael Kors watches.  I've been wanting one of these bad boys for so long they are quite expensive but they look so classy and can make any outfit look 'complete' especially loving the gold ones.

-  Thierry Muglar Alien perfume.  The nicest smelling perfume ever(upto now) ... it's my absolute fave and it's so strong yet so feminine and just lingers on for hours...


-  Primarni.  Don't get me wrong I do adore that shop but recently the prices have been getting higher and their jewellery/accessories have become more 'tacky' looking.  I also hate going in when it's so busy and theres screaming kids everywhere and people pushing and shoving.

-  Celebs and diets.  Sick to death of seeing in magazines how so and so has lost weight or why this celeb has been starving herself.  im simply not effing interested!!!! If you wanna lose weight why not exercise more and eat more healthy? nobody wants to starve themselves and nobody wants to look like a skeleton just coz half the celebs do.

-  Hair extensions.  I recently had hair extensions put in before my holiday (micro clip rings to be precise) i spent nearly £200 on getting them done and they've totally ruined my fucking perfect hair!!!! I wish i didn't get them, i already have perfect long, healthy hair but just wanted abit more thickness and volume and extra length but my natural hair is ruined and gone all awful, i've pulled half of them out and left with a few bald patches, gunna have to invest in some clip-ins when the rest of them come out. Seriously, don't get micro-rings they fuck up your hair, no matter how 'good' everyone says they are they clearly have no understanding of healthy hair!

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  1. everyone seems to be loving foxy locks hair extensions, have you checked her youtube channel?


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