Friday, 15 July 2011


So I went away on Monday 11th July for a couple of days to York.  Somewhere away from home but just over an hour drive away.
I've been to York before but only for a day out but this time my mother decided to stay in a B&B which was lovely and very close to everything.
The shops in York are lovely and you also have your basics such as River Island, topshop, miss selfridge, H&M, zara, New look etc. aswell as a couple of department stores to buy your high end makeup (Fenwicks and Browns)
We went to a beautiful restaurant called Lucia to drink cocktails, I had a strawberry daiquiri and my mother went for the pina colada.  The food on the menu was very reasonably priced and looked amazing so next time we go to York we are deffo eating there.  We had a bad experience at an Italian restaurant called 'Bella' it looked lovely inside but the prices where so expensive and the food was awful... never again!
Everyone in York seems to dress alot different from the people in my area... people dress very casual, minimal makeup, basically dressing for comfort.  I find this boring to be honest, i think every girl should dress up a little bit, slap on some makeup (doesnt have to be alot) and have gorgeous accessories.  I just think it's nice when people look at what you're wearing and see other peoples different styles... I find casual boring to look at.

I'm currently looking for an Acrylic nail course and want to have my own business going.  As you already know, I absolutly love doing nail art and if I can start doing acrylics and run my own lil business, I can do lot's of pretty naill art and hopefully earn a good living for myself.

Some pretty pictures...


  1. Good luck finding a course!! I also like when people dress up and bit even if as you said wearing accessories to make the outfit a bit different :)

  2. I have never been to York but I am determined to get there sooner or later. Visa are associated with the request for permission to enter (or exit) a country. It all comes down to the rest of the family, they just don't see the fun in looking at grand old buildings and wonderful art like I do.


I appreciate all comments :)

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