Tuesday, 1 November 2011


1. River island blue dress - gorgeous colour and perfect for either winter or summer going out drinking or a special event.  Will look gorgeous with a tan and sexy gold shoes/bag
2. River island coat - looks so warm and cosy yet very fashionable and sexy with the fur.
3. River island high waist jeans - want some high waist jeans when ive lost some weight and these will look hot for casual day wear with a nice top tucked into them and lots of jewellry.
4. Miss KG shoes - one word.. STUNNING!
5. Chynna dolls bikini - these are quite expensive but look so sexy.
6. Topshop leopard dress - very Cavalli, will be very sexy for a night out matched with red/black accessories and dark red lipstick.
7. Clare Nasir workout bootcamp DVD - heard alot of good things about this, im bored of my Natalie Cassidy one, i know the moves off by heart and i want something different and more hardcore.
8. Tresor paris bracelet - all the celebs have these and all the TOWIE cast, they are beautiful and so classy, deffo on my xmas wishlist!
9. LIPSY VIP dress - this will be perfect for my birthday which is end of december, very classy and girly matched with silver accessories.. very essex!
10. Viv westwood wedges - these will be fab for a night out to go with many outfits or even in the summer/on holiday.
11. TOWIE seasons 1-2 box set - one of the best shows on tv :)

Theres many other things i'd like but i couldnt fit everything on.  I cant wait to get back to the gym and lose some weight and tone up, do a few classes here and there (body pump!), i want a big pamper day one day just getting my lashes, nails done etc. and  nice facial... nothing better than a big pamper making yourself look/feel better about yourself, Lauren from TOWIE has her own range of hair extensions, false tan products and eyelashes so i deffo wanna get some of her stuff pretty soon.. would be nice to be sent some products as alot of people got sent her false tan and i was left out :( i spend a fortune on tanning products and never recieve anything to review, think i need to blog more but its hard when you dont have a digital camera!

Friday, 14 October 2011


This FOTN is from Saturday and i wanted to go for a dark/vampy look as the cold nights are rolling in and this was the only pic i took so you cant really see the eyes properly :(

17 foundation primer (not sure what its actually called)
Maybelline dream satin finish foundation in sun beige
Coastal scents mixture of concealers from their concealer palette (under the eyes and on blemishes)
MAC mineralize skinfinish natural powder in medium dark
MAC sunbasque blush

MAC paint pot in cash flow (to prime eyes)
MAC spiced chocolates quad
MAC e/s in solar white (highlight)
MAC e/s in dark edge (brows)
MAC fluidline blacktrack
Maybelline false lash effect mascara
Eyelure 145 lashes (amazing!)

MAC cremestick liner in Red enriched
MAC lipstick in port red (beautiful shade)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Heres a list of the blogs i read frequently and blogs i just love in general, theres many more but i'd be here all day writing a list of all my faves!

http://nattyngeorge.blogspot.com/ - Natalie's blog is one i visit the most.  Yes she is absolutly gorgeous but she has so many great posts too which she posts very frequently, her reviews are very informative and she posts plenty of pictures.

http://www.buynowbloglater.com/ - Most of you will remember the famous Laura aka Lollipop26 on youtube, she had a blog but decided to stop blogging but shes back!  I love her posts, and her sence of style is amazing.

http://makeuploveer.blogspot.com/ - Louise at makeuploveer is another of my faves, her reviews go into alot of detail which is what i always look for, she posts plenty of pictures and i love her style.

http://cheated-heartss.blogspot.com/ - Carly at cheated-heartss always does really good informative reviews and i check her blog often for reviews on products.

http://www.viviannadoesmakeup.com/ - I visit Viviannas blog alot and she seems so down-to-earth and is stunningly gorgeous.  She does plenty of reviews and posts lots of images and also has youtube videos, i love watching her 'monthly fave' vids as she always shows interesting products and makes me want to buy them!

http://cherylsbeautyblog.blogspot.com/ - Cheryls blog always has something interesting to read everytime i go back and her fotd's are always imacculate!

http://www.charlottesobsessions.com/ - I havent been reading Charlottes blog for long but she posts alot of reviews which i love and i generally just love her blog :)

http://nicolettasbeautyspace.blogspot.com/ - Nicolettas blog gets updated ALOT and theres always something i want to purchase after reading many of her reviews.  Her FOTD's are always really nice too and i wear similar style makeup to her.

http://hannahdarlingxo.blogspot.com/ - Hannahs blog i haven't been reading for long, i came across it from another blog and shes seems lovely and i just generally enjoy reading her posts, she posts alot of fashion/style posts too so its not all beauty.

http://live-laugh-love-fashion.blogspot.com/ - Domanique has a really fashion/beauty forward blog and her style is amazing, she doesnt seem to be afraid of using alot of bright colours and wearing sexy dresses/outfits to go out in which is what i love!

http://glimmerandglow.blogspot.com/ - Rachel at glimmerandglow always updates frequently and has informative reviews, her makeup is always super pretty and has gorgeous glowing skin that makes any girl envious, love this blog :)

http://beauty-crush.blogspot.com/ - Samantha at beauty-crush has an amazing blog which i suggest everyone should look at... her style is amazing and unique and her posts are always interesting.

Whats your fave blogs?  Do you have a blog you think i'd love to read?

BeckyBoo xxx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I've been decorating my bedroom the past week and got rid of tonnes of stuff.  I got rid of quite alot of old clothes and loads of junk which doesnt get used and i just cant describe the feeling.. its like a breath of fresh air when you get rid of old crap ready for a new room and im so proud of it!
Im one of these people who find it hard to part with stuff and clothes thinkin 'oh i'll deffo wear it one day so i'll keep it' or 'hmm that COULD come in useful so i'll keep that'  but now i have learnt that it's better to get rid of old stuff so that you can make way for nice new stuff
Below is a pic of my decorated bedroom, i wanted it to be very wild and bright, i spend alot of time in my bedroom so i want to be in a nice environment that looks pretty.
So i went for a zebra and purple theme which im in love with!!!  I also got a new dresser to store all my makeup and perfumes etc. its black and white to go with the zebra wallpaper but its quite low but once i have put up shelves and got everything in place it will look great!  All i need now is some new curtains, shelves and a lamp... gunna get a black carpet put down after christmas so it will look amazing :D
Once everything is in place i will take more pictures, hopefully getting a camera soon so lot's of blog posts to come...

Thursday, 22 September 2011


I have repurchased this twice now, its such an amazing colour which is so unique yet can look good on any skin tone.
I'd describe is as a bright-neonish watermelon pink which goes on really smooth and has a nice sheen but not too shiny.
I sometimes apply Barry M pink lipgloss over the top for ultra sexy hot pink shiny lips.
It's very opaque so one layer is enough and lasts for hours!
It makes my teeth look perfetly white.
Im wearing it in the picture above when i did a photoshoot in spain in 2010 and it looked amazing on professional photos.
Looks amazing with a tan and will look amazing on pale beauties too.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


-  Declutter and clean out.  The past few days i have got rid of so many clothes that i dont wear, so much junk and loads of rubbish i don't need.  My room looks so much better and i feel better for it myself.  Gunna get my bedroom decorated and the colour scheme will be purple and i will have a feature wall which will be zebra print wall paper for that sexy edge.  You dont realise how much junk you actually own till you take the time to sort everything out.

-  MAC service... everytime i go to MAC in Newcastle (fenwicks) the girls working are ALWAYS friendly and very helpful and seem so happy to work there, i would be happy to work there too! But i know alot of people complain about the customer service they've witnessed at some stores/counters but im glad to say i haven't got a bad thing to say about the Newcastle MAC counters, must be true when they say everyones much friendlier up north...

-  Primark.  Ok i know primarni was one of my 'outs' not long ago but i went to Newcastle last week with my mam and she must of spent nearly £200 on me in that store itself!  Yes the prices are going up but the quality is getting better, nicer fabrics, wider range of choice, nicer going out dresses etc.  I bought a pair of nude, patent leather platform courts for £18 and French Connection are selling the EXACT same pair for over £100.  Primark will always be one of my fave shops no matter what.

-  Big Brother.  This year im very interested in it, mainly because it's full of people the same age as me and full of hotties.  Louise is beautiful but lacks personality, Jay seems very genuine i think he has a good chance of winning to be honest and omg Heaven is so bloody annoying.  I like Faye out of all the girls she just seems so sweet i'd like to see her be the winner as well as Jay.

-  Facebook.  Has anybody else got so pissed off about all the changes lately?  This one is even worse i just don't understand why they need to change it so much and it doesn't seem to get 'better' just more annoying.. grrrr at you facebook!!!!

-  Being skint.  Just plain awful :(  Seeing all these gorgeous clothes and shoes etc in shops and makeup companies bringing out their autumn/winter products when having no job is just teasing me... desperate for a job.

-  Pale skin.  Urgh i scrubbed off my false tan a few days ago and i look terrible! Don't know if any of you are the same but i just feel ugly and plain/boring being so white.  Having a nice tan makes me look abit slimmer too and healthier, can also get away with less makeup so im gunna st moriz myself up tonight :D

Now i know most of you lovely ladies will know about the website Boohoo which sells fashionable clothes at a very affordable price.  Well i received my very first item from them today, i'm going to a wedding end of October and we all have to wear black or white and when i saw this dress on the website i just had to beg my mother to buy me it...
It's called the 'Cassie border contrast hem skater dress' and is available in 7 colours and comes with the skinny belt.
It was only £20 and it's black AND white which is great because i don't fancy wearing just black as i'll look like i've been to a funeral and just white well... if im wearing fake tan it won't be white for very long so this was perfecto :D
I wasn't expecting too much as it's so cheap and obviously it's the first time i've ordered from that website so i was expecting it to arrive and it wouldn't fit properly and the fabric would feel cheap and thin but im VERY impressed.
The fabric is quite thick and the style is very flattering.  There was a few complaints about the belt being rubbish (reviews on the website) but I can honestly say i'm fine with the belt.
I can't wait to order some other items from Boohoo and i rate it 10/10.  Delivery is very fast too.
Theres not one bad thing i can say about this dress and the service from the website.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I used 'Kiss' false nails (you get about 200 in a set) and i used Elegant Touch pink nail glue (strong as hell!) as the kiss one is rubbish and makes your nails come off the day after..I then painted each nail with Barry M Bright Pink which is a gorgeous barbie pink colour.  Then I applied some crystals on one nail on each hand and i got them in a set from the pound shop which is an absolute bargain :) then went over each nail with a clear nail polish for extra shine.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Sorry but there's no pictures included in this post!
We all have those 'go to' products that we cant live without and MUST repurchase once it's ran out... well heres a few of my faves:

MAC skinfinish natural MSF in medium dark - This has to be the most amazing powder i have ever used and i have repurchased about 8 times (i have almost ran out so will need to repurchase another!) i use this with my MAC 183 flat top kabuki brush which was limited edition a couple year back and it works perfect.  What makes this powder to different to others? well it's mineralized so it's baked which i think makes it look more natural and airbrushed on your skin.  This colour is perfect when i have a tan (sunbed or fake tan) over the top of my usual liquid foundation and even on photos it looks so fresh and amazing.  I totally recommend this to any girl it's got very high coverage too which is always a plus.

Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation in sun beige - I have been using this foundation about 2 year now and i've never used anything else.  It's high coverage but doesn't look too cakey if applied with a brush like the MAC 187 (gives a nice airbrush look when buffed in using this brush)
I have used many high-end foundations and also drugstore brands and this one wins them all, i have probably used about 12 bottles of this since i discovered how great it was :P well worth the price (sometimes Boots or Superdrug have offers where it's a few quid cheaper) the original price is around £8.99 which is really good.

NIVEA creme - This product must get raved about soo much, it truely is an amazing moisturizer.  It's so creamy and feels luxurious on the skin.  You can use it for your face and body which is good for travelling so you don't need to overload on tonnes of different products.  I think the best time to use this is before you go to bed (or when you're just around the house) put a thick scoop onto your skin and massage it in, it's like a face mask!  Then a few hours later or when you wake up...your skin will have this perfect healthy glow and it will feel so soft and moisturized.  Rumour has it that this creme has the same ingredients as the famous (And expensive) creme de la mer which costs an absolute fortune.

MAC blusher in sunbasque - this can be used as a blush (for those who have a tan) or a shimmery bronzer.  This is perfect for the summer when the sunlight hits your face because you get this perfect bronzy glow on your cheeks which looks so pretty.  I need to repurchase this as i don't have much left.  A must have product for every girl in my opinion.

RIMMEL colour show off lipstick in 140 kiss me - This has been purchased twice because it's such an amazing colour.  It's a beautiful bright coral/red which is so bright and 'out there' it also looks perfect with a tan.  This is one of them bright lipsticks you can wear day-time aswell as evening.

Eyelure false lashes 145 - These are my fave lashes for nights out (also sometimes during day when i want to add some glamour to my eyes)  They are so long but not too thick.  I have used the new 'double' ones but these always win as they can be used for sexy dramtic smokey eyes or bare-natural eyes.

ST MORITZ false tan - this is a thousand times better than st tropez, similar formula but the price is AMAZING!  It also doesn't really smell too bad and it lasts roughly 5-6 days.  I use the mousse formula which i find really great and easy to apply with a mitt, i wanna try the lotion next (see how it compares to xen tan!)  The aerosol spray is quite good too but requires abit more time to apply.  I don't apply it on my hands and feet, instead i use a gradual tan moisturizer on those areas so it looks more natural and blend the moisturizer upto where i stopped applying the st moritz (great tip for you self tanners out there!)

Batiste dry shampoo - been using this since it came out in shops, amazing for those days you feel your hair is abit on the greasy side but don't have time to wash it.  Every girl needs a bottle of this somewhere round the house for those emergencies! (Great for camping and short breaks too)

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner - I am currently using MACs fluidline but i find the Bobbi Brown one applies more smoothly and lasts abit longer.

So there you have it... my top products i cannot live without.
I don't have a fave mascara because i always wear fake lashes so i just buy cheap mascaras and i have so many lipsticks and glosses that i love but that Rimmel one has been my fave one for this summer.

Friday, 22 July 2011


- False toe nails.  These are so quick and easy to use and make your feet/toes look amazing within a few minutes.  They look so natural aswell as if you just stepped out of a spa, I've had plenty of compliments on them and been wearing them on and off for over a year now.  They last a couple weeks if looked after properly.

- Garnier Intensive 7 days Nourishing Lotion.  I got the 250ml bottle in Softening Cocoa butter which smells divine.  My skin is so soft from it, i apply it when I've stepped out of the bath/shower after towel drying and it feels amazing.  Would deffo reccomend this!

- Jogging.  Been going for jogs this week with my ipod, got a really good selection of music to keep me motivated to run... i just wanna get fit!!!

- Tanning.  Ok so i know its bad, but i love tanning!  I look/feel ugly and messy when im pale and also feel like i look 'fatter' for some reason?  But tanning relaxes me, i buy block bookings at my local tanning studio and i use various lotions (bronzing, tingle etc.) I just find it better than false tan, dont get me wrong i love false tan (st moritz oh yeh!!) but tanning in a bed is so more natural looking, doesnt smell, doesnt get all over your bed sheets (ew) and doesn't fade in an awful way.


- Takeaways/Fast Food.  I haven't had a takeaway for about 2 weeks now and i feel so much better for it.  Mcdonalds is just disgusting anyway and doesn't fill you up so thats totally out of the window.  The only fast food i like is Subway, you can make it as healthy or unhealthy as you want.

- Fizzy drinks.  I remember a few year ago i'd NEVER drink a fizzy drink.  The thought of drinking sugar made me feel sick, i stuck with water or fruit juice.  I wish i had that motivation now like i did back then, but im slowly getting there :)

- Summer is almost over.  Yep the shops are getting in their autumn range and it's almost getting towards the winter months.  I love summer, just like anybody else.  Getting a nice tan, going for days out in the nice sunshine, eating ice cream/ice lollies, going to the beach, wearing cute summer clothes.  Winter is boring :( especially when it SNOWS!!! and you can't drive anywhere urghh

By the way i have been having problems with commenting on some peoples blogs, the ones where they 'pop-up' have been ok but the others it keeps taking me back to the homepage to log-in then when i do it still doesn't let me comment :S anybody help me?

Friday, 15 July 2011


So I went away on Monday 11th July for a couple of days to York.  Somewhere away from home but just over an hour drive away.
I've been to York before but only for a day out but this time my mother decided to stay in a B&B which was lovely and very close to everything.
The shops in York are lovely and you also have your basics such as River Island, topshop, miss selfridge, H&M, zara, New look etc. aswell as a couple of department stores to buy your high end makeup (Fenwicks and Browns)
We went to a beautiful restaurant called Lucia to drink cocktails, I had a strawberry daiquiri and my mother went for the pina colada.  The food on the menu was very reasonably priced and looked amazing so next time we go to York we are deffo eating there.  We had a bad experience at an Italian restaurant called 'Bella' it looked lovely inside but the prices where so expensive and the food was awful... never again!
Everyone in York seems to dress alot different from the people in my area... people dress very casual, minimal makeup, basically dressing for comfort.  I find this boring to be honest, i think every girl should dress up a little bit, slap on some makeup (doesnt have to be alot) and have gorgeous accessories.  I just think it's nice when people look at what you're wearing and see other peoples different styles... I find casual boring to look at.

I'm currently looking for an Acrylic nail course and want to have my own business going.  As you already know, I absolutly love doing nail art and if I can start doing acrylics and run my own lil business, I can do lot's of pretty naill art and hopefully earn a good living for myself.

Some pretty pictures...

Thursday, 7 July 2011



- Twitter.  Totally become obsessed with twitter, i joined over a year ago but just recently got into it and can now see why people find it addictive.  Stalking celebs just got easier

- Weather.  How hot has it been recently? I went to Magaluf in Spain end of May and its been hotter in England!!!  It's too hot to sleep at night but i just love the heat during the day and catching a nice tan.

-  Michael Kors watches.  I've been wanting one of these bad boys for so long they are quite expensive but they look so classy and can make any outfit look 'complete' especially loving the gold ones.

-  Thierry Muglar Alien perfume.  The nicest smelling perfume ever(upto now) ... it's my absolute fave and it's so strong yet so feminine and just lingers on for hours...


-  Primarni.  Don't get me wrong I do adore that shop but recently the prices have been getting higher and their jewellery/accessories have become more 'tacky' looking.  I also hate going in when it's so busy and theres screaming kids everywhere and people pushing and shoving.

-  Celebs and diets.  Sick to death of seeing in magazines how so and so has lost weight or why this celeb has been starving herself.  im simply not effing interested!!!! If you wanna lose weight why not exercise more and eat more healthy? nobody wants to starve themselves and nobody wants to look like a skeleton just coz half the celebs do.

-  Hair extensions.  I recently had hair extensions put in before my holiday (micro clip rings to be precise) i spent nearly £200 on getting them done and they've totally ruined my fucking perfect hair!!!! I wish i didn't get them, i already have perfect long, healthy hair but just wanted abit more thickness and volume and extra length but my natural hair is ruined and gone all awful, i've pulled half of them out and left with a few bald patches, gunna have to invest in some clip-ins when the rest of them come out. Seriously, don't get micro-rings they fuck up your hair, no matter how 'good' everyone says they are they clearly have no understanding of healthy hair!
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